Leslie sorg ramsay - MOVED TO PRESCOTT ARIZONA - new art creations in future 


Painting titles - (clockwise from large image on left) Day Into Night, After the Party (dyptych), A World Beyond, and Dog Walking Italian Style.

Whether painting landscapes or people, I prefer oil painting for majority of my work.  Oil has richness that better matches my vision and as a medium allows me to blend the paint slowly.   Before I paint one stroke, I may consider painting a subject or scene for months or years.  Oil paint then allows me to use multiple layers often over many sessions.

I also lean towards images that provide respite or inspiration for the viewers’ own thoughts and meditation.   I also hope my paintings serve as an oasis and can provide reflective thought and diffuse or escape the barrage of negativity in daily life.  Since creating has no limits, future paintings may contain images that reflect the dysfunctions humans create or face, yet I would likely create visions that heal or overcome negative influences, rather than pull one further downward.

I often paint tranquil landscapes and peaceful reflections of people, or restful poses of animals.  Since nature, water and animals are an antidote to stress, these subjects also create an oasis to paint and view.

Also, when I close my eyes to rest or meditate, colorful scenes and images speed through my mind and, when possible, I capture what I’ve imagined in abstract paintings or imaginary landscapes.   To me, they reveal possibilities of the unknown which expands the mind the most.  Art allows me to explore all visual inspirations and not limit what I create.  Enjoy.